“Door-to-door” Direct Security Sales gone wrong

door to door, direct security sales gone wrong
I know there are varying opinions among security business owners on "door to door" or direct sales. And I know that not everyone will agree with my point of view on everything.  But I have a real issue with how some alarm companies go about direct door to door alarm sales, at least how they did it in the case of a particular remote small town.  I'll say this right up front: Direct sales method...
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Booting vehicles on Private Property

booting vehicles on private property
Have you ever wondered about the laws regarding security or parking enforcement putting a “boot” on the wheel of a vehicle to prevent it from moving?  By placing a boot or wheel clamp on a vehicle the person placing it there is essentially detaining the vehicle. The most common place to see the wheel clamp used for parking enforcement is by local government, and it is usually used in an att...
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